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The Yellow Shirt Darkside of Comic-Con 2010

Let me paint a picture for you Con-goers out there –

It’s about 12:25 in the afternoon or so and I am trying to figure out if there is a Press line at ALL for the Burn Notice panel. I’m prominently wearing my Con badge that says in big letters, PRESS. I approach one of the Yellow Shirts, as they are becoming known, the new security force apparently hired for this Con, who is currently surrounded by less than amused Con-goers trying to find a certain room. I wait until the group has dispersed, give it another minute or so out of respect for the Yellow Shirt’s temper, and then approached him myself to ask about the particulars of getting into Ballroom 20. And…

I actually got yelled at by this guy, who even included a few expletives. I won’t repeat what he said in the interest of propriety here, sufficit to say, we were completely unamused. I managed to calmly reply to him, “Excuse me?” and continued to calmly tell him that all I asked was for further information on entrance to Ballroom 20, and that perhaps he needed a lunch break, and then hurried away from him.

I have made a point of telling at least a few of the actual Comic-Con Staff of this experience, but the point is, it should have never happened. We Press work very hard at Comic-Con, yes there IS work involved thank you, and these new Security guys should at the very least be polite to the Con-goers, or I think they may find themselves without a hiring for next year.

Ranted by Alicia Glass