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CCI 2010 Friday — Falling Skies

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Written by Alicia Glass

Falling Skies is the latest opus from executive producer Stephen Spielburg, that’s right the man himself, to be drooled over on tv in Summer 2011. Brought to you by the TNT Channel, only the two main stars of the show, Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood managed to make it to the panel. I’m a big fan of the Librarian movies with Wyle, and Bloodgood’s actually rather reserved in person, so it was an interesting panel. A trailer was shown, and they had a movie poster on a tripod, but I’m sorry to say aside from Spielburg’s name there was little to make me remember the show amidst the rest of Comic-Con insanity.

The actual show Falling Skies is slated to be a dramatic telling of human survivors who begin a rebellion six months after the aliens have invaded and taken over. Wyle’s character is a former American History teacher who uses his historic skills in real life now, and Bloodgood stars as Anne Glass, therapist to survivor children. It seems very different roles for the both of them, so I’m anxious to see how they do, and how Spielburg pulls a rabbit from wherever to make this show stand out amongst the rest.

See Noah Wyle talk about his character!