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CCI 2010 Thursday — Dexter

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Written by Alicia Glass

The panel for what is probably the most anticipated next season of a show out there, Dexter Season Five, was packed beyond capacity. Some genius of scheduling decided to do The Expendables panel in Hall H right before Dexter in Ballroom 20, so basically you really have to choose between the two. I went with everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Michael C. Hall is a veteran of the Comic-Con scene at this point, having done a panel for Dexter since the start of the show, but man did he look tired. He certainly seems willing to answer every fan question posed to him at the panel, but really, the variations on ways to ask something to the affect of, “What do you think of all the bad stuff your character does?” get tiresome. See Hall talking about the fun he has on the set from Season Four with John Lithgow here.

Sadly none of the newcomers for Season Five – Julia Stiles, Peter Weller, Maria Kennedy, Johnny Lee Miller, and Shawn Hatosy – made it to the panel. It would have been good to include them in the Dexter phenomenon, perhaps next year then.


CCI09 Thursday — Dexter


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New Season 4 Premieres on Showtime Sunday, September 27th

Watch the Season 4 Sneak Peek Here 

Written by Alicia Glass

The wildly popular Dexter series returns to Showtime, and of course no Comic-Con would be complete without a panel honoring everyone’s favorite serial killer! Only now, Dexter’s added a new wrinkle to the mix, a cereal killer if you will, his son with Rita, Harrison. Yes, the baby is named after Dexter’s father Harry. And here in Season 4 we have a brand new villain for Dexter to battle, the Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow. The panel featured Michael C. Hall as the scintillating Dexter, Julie Benz as Rita Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter and sister Deb, and even brought out John Lithgow in person for the new Season 4 antagonist!


The cast and Producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton and Clyde Phillips did their best to field questions from the audience that I’m sure they’ve heard a billion times before. A new baby and wife for our beloved blood-splatter analyst vigilante justice though? Certainly new things to talk about, although most fans were of course simply asking poor Mr. Hall how he thought Dexter felt about this or that.


The Producers announced animated webisodes of early Dexter, voiced by Michael C. Hall, to show up on the main website around fall, along with Dexter the Game for the iphone and itouch at the end of summer. And the season 3 box set with all sorts of extra goodies will be available to buy August 18th!