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Comic-Con 2010 Shwag, Part Two

Piranha bag, sun visor, and fake tattoos.

A leather bracelet from Spartacus.

A music card from Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con!

I didn’t take it out of the package, but that white square with the dragon is a blow-up sword from DragonAge II.

It’s hard to see, but the Mirrors 2 card is a hologram.

The famed deodorant stick from Mattel.

Blood Factory calendar!

Those two circles with Cobra and Transformers on them are flashlights!

Creepy masks from The Legend of Neil.

An autograph from Peter Chung. *drool*

The Vampire Diaries mints in a cute little tin.

Dexter blood-slash fake tattoos!

A fearnet.com magnet, and yes that really is fearnet.com microwave popcorn. Like srsly.

Book excerpt from The Skinvestigator. Looks interesting.

Yellow Frisbee from Big City Comic Studio.

Metal drink bottle from ABC’s Castle!

The black guy in the green superhero costume is a stress doll from AT&T, no joke.

A magnet from the latest upcoming version of The Three Musketeers. Starring Orlando Bloom, as I heard it.

After Dark Films sticker.

AMC’s The Walking Dead poster strip!

And two cups advertising the movies Splice and the newer A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Oh, and a fake million dollar bill with Grover Cleveland, that turned out to be a religious pamphlet. Whee!

Hunted by Alicia Glass


CCI09 Friday — Fear Clinic


Check out the not-for-kids Trailer

FEAR Clinic begins on Fearnet.com in October

Written by Alicia Glass

So the last panel for my Comic-Con Friday was for FEAR Clinic, a new show that will be presented on Fearnet.com in October, starring Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, and Danielle Harris. For those of you not up on your horror actors, Danielle Harris played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, and has also graced such recent films as Urban Legend and Rob Zombie’s Halloween & Halloween II. Kane Hodder is best known for his portrayals of Jason in the latter Friday the 13th movies, although he’s been in quite a few horror movies of late. And honestly, if you have to ask who Robert Englund is, turn in your horror-fan badge right now.


Moderated by a writer from Fearnet.com, Spider, Englund and Hodder and Harris, along with director Robert Hall talked about the upcoming series, showed a trailer on the jumbo-tron, and talked about their favorite horror movies and their own fears. Robert Englund, in his usual tiredly amused fashion, spoke of being afraid of snakes and Sex and the City, while Harris ashamedly said she was afraid of everything from birds to elevators, director Robert Hall said he had mild claustrophobia, and of course the extra large and scary Hodder proclaimed he was afraid of not a damn thing.

 Poor Clive Barker, who was the main reason I was there after Robert Englund, barely managed to make the panel at all. Because really, traffic to the San Diego convention center during Comic-Con is impossible, especially around the time most people are trying to leave. Barker did manage to make it for the latter half of the panel, although why he was there other than being a horror icon, as he isn’t involved as yet with FEAR Clinic, I have no idea. It was a good panel, all things considered, though I have to question the wisdom of doing this new interesting-looking series in 5-10 minute increments on the internet only. Sanctuary tried that and the show actually got picked up for syndication, but I doubt FEAR Clinic can do that unless it was picked up by like HBO, due to the graphic violence and bloodshed the show promises. And with that in mind, a lot of horror fans who would greatly enjoy seeing Robert Englund as a mad psychiatrist with his own clinic that promises to rid people of their fears “one way or another”, will miss out because they simply haven’t heard of it or don’t have good computer/internet access.