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CCI 2010 Thursday — Dexter

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Written by Alicia Glass

The panel for what is probably the most anticipated next season of a show out there, Dexter Season Five, was packed beyond capacity. Some genius of scheduling decided to do The Expendables panel in Hall H right before Dexter in Ballroom 20, so basically you really have to choose between the two. I went with everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Michael C. Hall is a veteran of the Comic-Con scene at this point, having done a panel for Dexter since the start of the show, but man did he look tired. He certainly seems willing to answer every fan question posed to him at the panel, but really, the variations on ways to ask something to the affect of, “What do you think of all the bad stuff your character does?” get tiresome. See Hall talking about the fun he has on the set from Season Four with John Lithgow here.

Sadly none of the newcomers for Season Five – Julia Stiles, Peter Weller, Maria Kennedy, Johnny Lee Miller, and Shawn Hatosy – made it to the panel. It would have been good to include them in the Dexter phenomenon, perhaps next year then.


CCI 2010 Thursday — Anti Heroes of Showtime

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Written by Alicia Glass

The AntiHeroes of Showtime panel was the highlight of my Comic-Con Thursday experience, even despite the Dexter panel immediately following. Not often is there a grouping of shows on a single channel that each have their own villains and heroes, and most often the main character is more than a bit of both!

Dexter is a phenomenon, still, more so now than ever given the bloody and despairing end of Season Four. Check out the exclusive Comic-Con trailer for Season Five!

Nurse Jackie isn’t entirely my cup of tea, I have seen a few episodes. A brash nurse with a pill popper problem among other things, eh, you can take it or leave it. The show does seem to be doing well though, here’s the Comic-Con trailer for Season Three.

Californication I haven’t actually seen yet, but David Duchovny is a smooth charmer even in person, so it seems worth a try. Be aware, the Comic-Con trailer is NOT for children.

Weeds Season Six looks remarkably different, with all new characters and things since the Botwins are now officially on the run. Again, the Comic-Con exclusive trailer isn’t for the youngins.

Comic-Con 2010 Shwag, Part Two

Piranha bag, sun visor, and fake tattoos.

A leather bracelet from Spartacus.

A music card from Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con!

I didn’t take it out of the package, but that white square with the dragon is a blow-up sword from DragonAge II.

It’s hard to see, but the Mirrors 2 card is a hologram.

The famed deodorant stick from Mattel.

Blood Factory calendar!

Those two circles with Cobra and Transformers on them are flashlights!

Creepy masks from The Legend of Neil.

An autograph from Peter Chung. *drool*

The Vampire Diaries mints in a cute little tin.

Dexter blood-slash fake tattoos!

A fearnet.com magnet, and yes that really is fearnet.com microwave popcorn. Like srsly.

Book excerpt from The Skinvestigator. Looks interesting.

Yellow Frisbee from Big City Comic Studio.

Metal drink bottle from ABC’s Castle!

The black guy in the green superhero costume is a stress doll from AT&T, no joke.

A magnet from the latest upcoming version of The Three Musketeers. Starring Orlando Bloom, as I heard it.

After Dark Films sticker.

AMC’s The Walking Dead poster strip!

And two cups advertising the movies Splice and the newer A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Oh, and a fake million dollar bill with Grover Cleveland, that turned out to be a religious pamphlet. Whee!

Hunted by Alicia Glass

Comic-Con 2010 Shwag, Part One

The shwag, omg the SHWAG. This is only the first pic o shwag, there should be at least three more. Be afeared of my mad hunting skillz.

A purple bag from the HUB room that was in the Marriot, I enjoyed that.

Clash of the Titans cardboard advertisement shield. Makes for surprisingly good back support inside the bag next to it.

Ah, the Mega Tote, courtesy of the SyFy Channel. Someone there is a genius, the bag is a backpack that allowed me to carry around 30-50 lbs of shwag a day.

Can’t see it too well, but the bag from the Showtimes Anti-Heroes panel back there features Dexter with a SPLAT!, Nurse Jackie with a POP!, Kalifornication with a BANG! and Weeds with a PUFF. Nice.

Yes, that is a foam Psych pineapple.

And the Comic-Con bag itself, everyone got one this year, oh yeah.

Burn Notice Miami-style beach bag.

A fan, a face-hugger on a stick, whatever, it’s the thing from Aliens.

Mythbusters bags! Yes I did get more than one.

The TrueBlood shwag bag, books and postcards and bandaids and a tshirt, oh my.

A purple fangy guy!

Yes that really is a kite from V. Go figure.

A bag from Old Boy that I totally scored from the Palisades Tartan booth.

T-shirt from Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con.

And a t-shirt advertising Starship Troopers, whee!

Hunted by Alicia Glass

Con Swag!

Shiver me timbers! What booty have ye plundered at the liked of preview night?  Here are a few of our finds!

IF you find something cool at con let us know and we will post a link to your diamond in the rough!

Showtime Launches “Dexter Game On” at Comic-Con 2010


In A Television Network First, SHOWTIME Teams Up With
SCVNGR To Design An Interactive Mobile Experience

NEW YORK, NY - (July 15, 2010) - As part of a multi-tiered programming, digital and
marketing campaign custom-designed for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, SHOWTIME
announced the launch of Dexter Game On
(DexterGameOn.com<http://www.dextergameon.com>), an interactive promotional game
that will take place simultaneously at San Diego Comic-Con and in five other major
cities across the U.S. from Wednesday, July 21 to Sunday, July 25. SHOWTIME has
worked with SCVNGR - an iPhone and Android-based application that is all about going
places, doing challenges and earning points - to build DEXTER(tm)-themed challenges
for the game. The collaboration marks the first time that a television network has
teamed up with SCVNGR.

Players of Dexter Game On are asked to step into Dexter's mind to unlock exclusive
content from the series' upcoming fifth season and for a chance to pick up
DEXTER-themed merchandise, including season four DVDs. Devoted fans of the series
know that all of Dexter's victims are marked with a small incision on their right
cheek, and at Comic-Con, those fans can show their love for the series by sporting a
DEXTER "cheek slash" tattoo. SHOWTIME will hand out over 100,000 lick-'n-stick
tattoos during all four days of Comic-Con. Tattoos will be available throughout the
convention floor, at the SHOWTIME booth (#4129), and will be distributed by street
teams outside the convention center.
Fans are encouraged to take pictures of themselves sporting their tattoos at various
locations around the convention and upload them to the Dexter Game On site
(DexterGameOn.com<http://www.dextergameon.com>). At Comic-Con, players will explore
San Diego through the check-in-based Dexter-themed Trek on SCVNGR
(scvngr.com<http://www.scvngr.com>) - venues will range from the SHOWTIME booth, to
an innocent coffee shop nearby, and will culminate in a "crime scene" location to be
revealed near the convention center. As gamers complete the trek, they will have the
opportunity to earn limited edition SCVNGR badges that can be redeemed for DEXTER
merchandise, including the early release of 250 copies of the DEXTER season four

Fans that are unable to join SHOWTIME at Comic-Con can actively play in New York,
Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Atlanta with SCVNGR treks custom designed locally
for their area.  SHOWTIME has also created a new "cheek-slash-yourself" Facebook
application, where fans can upload tattoos directly to their online profile photos
on Facebook. Fans playing DEXTER GAME ON across the country will work as a hive -
each challenge completed at Comic-Con, in the five participating cities, and via
Facebook gets tallied on the official counter on
DexterGameOn.com<http://DexterGameOn.com>. Once the Dexter community amasses 100,000
completed challenges, a never-before-seen sneak peek of the series' upcoming fifth
season will be unlocked and available for all fans to see.

"At SHOWTIME, we pride ourselves for being at the cutting edge of technology and are
excited to be the first television network to join forces with Scvngr," said Robert
Hayes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media, Showtime Networks
Inc. "Comic-Con is the perfect venue to further engage our loyal fans with this
robust interactive social media game, while providing added value to our over three
million Dexter fans on Facebook."

"The DEXTER challenges on SCVNGR are truly killer," said Seth Priebatsch, Chief
Ninja of SCVNGR. "Fans should grab the SCVNGR app and play Dexter Game On at
Comic-Con, and all across the country to help unlock an exclusive sneak peek at the
upcoming fifth season of DEXTER."

As previously announced, SHOWTIME will headline the opening day of San Diego
Comic-Con hosting two panels on Thursday, July, 22 in Ballroom 20. THE ANTI-HEROES
OF SHOWTIME (4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.) will feature series creators, showrunners and
actors who have helped define the network's programming line-up. Featured panelists
include Michael C. Hall and DEXTER showrunner Chip Johannessen, David Duchovny and
executive producer and creator Tom Kapinos of Californication, Mary-Louise Parker
and executive producer and creator Jenji Kohan of Weeds, along with Linda Wallem,
executive producer, writer and one of the creators of NURSE JACKIE and series star
Paul Schulze.

Then, from 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Comic-Con will once again welcome America's
favorite serial killer with a revealing interview and Q&A session with the stars and
executive producers of Dexter that will include an exclusive first-look trailer of
the highly anticipated season five premiere.  Featured panelists include series
star/executive producer Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Desmond Harrington, and
executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Chip Johannessen and Manny Coto.
The fifth season of DEXTER premieres September 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT only on SHOWTIME.

will launch a dedicated Comic-Con microsite that will bring the convention
experience to the fans that are not able to attend. The site will host the highly
anticipated season five Dexter trailer and content from the Anti-Hero panel, to be
showcased immediately after the Comic-Con panels.

CCI09 Thursday — Dexter


Website: Dexter

New Season 4 Premieres on Showtime Sunday, September 27th

Watch the Season 4 Sneak Peek Here 

Written by Alicia Glass

The wildly popular Dexter series returns to Showtime, and of course no Comic-Con would be complete without a panel honoring everyone’s favorite serial killer! Only now, Dexter’s added a new wrinkle to the mix, a cereal killer if you will, his son with Rita, Harrison. Yes, the baby is named after Dexter’s father Harry. And here in Season 4 we have a brand new villain for Dexter to battle, the Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow. The panel featured Michael C. Hall as the scintillating Dexter, Julie Benz as Rita Morgan, Jennifer Carpenter and sister Deb, and even brought out John Lithgow in person for the new Season 4 antagonist!


The cast and Producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton and Clyde Phillips did their best to field questions from the audience that I’m sure they’ve heard a billion times before. A new baby and wife for our beloved blood-splatter analyst vigilante justice though? Certainly new things to talk about, although most fans were of course simply asking poor Mr. Hall how he thought Dexter felt about this or that.


The Producers announced animated webisodes of early Dexter, voiced by Michael C. Hall, to show up on the main website around fall, along with Dexter the Game for the iphone and itouch at the end of summer. And the season 3 box set with all sorts of extra goodies will be available to buy August 18th!