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CCI 2010 Thursday — Dexter

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Written by Alicia Glass

The panel for what is probably the most anticipated next season of a show out there, Dexter Season Five, was packed beyond capacity. Some genius of scheduling decided to do The Expendables panel in Hall H right before Dexter in Ballroom 20, so basically you really have to choose between the two. I went with everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Michael C. Hall is a veteran of the Comic-Con scene at this point, having done a panel for Dexter since the start of the show, but man did he look tired. He certainly seems willing to answer every fan question posed to him at the panel, but really, the variations on ways to ask something to the affect of, “What do you think of all the bad stuff your character does?” get tiresome. See Hall talking about the fun he has on the set from Season Four with John Lithgow here.

Sadly none of the newcomers for Season Five – Julia Stiles, Peter Weller, Maria Kennedy, Johnny Lee Miller, and Shawn Hatosy – made it to the panel. It would have been good to include them in the Dexter phenomenon, perhaps next year then.


CCI 2010 Thursday — Anti Heroes of Showtime

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Written by Alicia Glass

The AntiHeroes of Showtime panel was the highlight of my Comic-Con Thursday experience, even despite the Dexter panel immediately following. Not often is there a grouping of shows on a single channel that each have their own villains and heroes, and most often the main character is more than a bit of both!

Dexter is a phenomenon, still, more so now than ever given the bloody and despairing end of Season Four. Check out the exclusive Comic-Con trailer for Season Five!

Nurse Jackie isn’t entirely my cup of tea, I have seen a few episodes. A brash nurse with a pill popper problem among other things, eh, you can take it or leave it. The show does seem to be doing well though, here’s the Comic-Con trailer for Season Three.

Californication I haven’t actually seen yet, but David Duchovny is a smooth charmer even in person, so it seems worth a try. Be aware, the Comic-Con trailer is NOT for children.

Weeds Season Six looks remarkably different, with all new characters and things since the Botwins are now officially on the run. Again, the Comic-Con exclusive trailer isn’t for the youngins.

Comic-Con 2010 Shwag, Part Two

Piranha bag, sun visor, and fake tattoos.

A leather bracelet from Spartacus.

A music card from Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con!

I didn’t take it out of the package, but that white square with the dragon is a blow-up sword from DragonAge II.

It’s hard to see, but the Mirrors 2 card is a hologram.

The famed deodorant stick from Mattel.

Blood Factory calendar!

Those two circles with Cobra and Transformers on them are flashlights!

Creepy masks from The Legend of Neil.

An autograph from Peter Chung. *drool*

The Vampire Diaries mints in a cute little tin.

Dexter blood-slash fake tattoos!

A fearnet.com magnet, and yes that really is fearnet.com microwave popcorn. Like srsly.

Book excerpt from The Skinvestigator. Looks interesting.

Yellow Frisbee from Big City Comic Studio.

Metal drink bottle from ABC’s Castle!

The black guy in the green superhero costume is a stress doll from AT&T, no joke.

A magnet from the latest upcoming version of The Three Musketeers. Starring Orlando Bloom, as I heard it.

After Dark Films sticker.

AMC’s The Walking Dead poster strip!

And two cups advertising the movies Splice and the newer A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Oh, and a fake million dollar bill with Grover Cleveland, that turned out to be a religious pamphlet. Whee!

Hunted by Alicia Glass

CCI 2010 Thursday — Burn Notice

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Written by Alicia Glass

As always, the Burn Notice panel was packed to the gills and then some. Star Jeffrey Donovan and newcomer Coby Bell gave out Burn Notice – style tips for Comic-Con via video, much to the delight of the audience. There was even one, with a disclaimer, about how to break into CCI without getting caught, which seemed like a bad idea, but the fans ate it up.

It seems as though a great deal of the rabid fans attend this panel not necessarily for the show itself, but for the fact that it does indeed star the amazing Bruce Campbell. He’s famous for being very personable, and when getting genuine compliments or things that amuse him at the Burn Notice panel, Campbell is known for actually giving out money from his own pockets, as seen here.

There wasn’t a whole lot in the way of new stuff to announce at the panel, we fans just had more of a good time hanging out at the panel. There was however, from the network executive of Burn Notice that had a rather good sense of humor, a big surprise announcement, as seen here!



Show star Dule’ Hill and the show choreographer tap their hearts out at the PSYCH panel at Comic-Con 2010.

Don’t hate the camera skillz, I was lucky to catch it.

Posted by Alicia Glass

In The Know

A LOT of stuff happens at Comic-Con, and I don’t just mean at the convention center. So in the spirit of getting everyone in the Know, here are a couple of things for you crazy Con-goers out there to drool over –

Directly across the street from the convention center, past the trolley tracks and the horde of people crossing the street constantly, is a smaller horde of volunteers passing out, say it with me, FREE STUFF. We’re talking things like t-shirts, yes those fantastic Mythbusters bags, fake tattoos and stickers and buttons oh my! This year specifically, look for the large balloons advertising the SyFy channel, or the USA channel, and you’ll find the FREE STUFF.

This year the convention center seems to have teamed up with the Marriot hotel, which is on the opposite side of the convention center from where the inevitable Hilton is. The fulfillment room, which is where you turn in those tickets you sometimes get at panels for the free t-shirt or bag or whatever, has been moved out of the convention center entirely and set up in the Marriot. It is a bit of a hike, but they have signs just about everywhere so it’s pretty easy to find.

As a bonus, the Marriot has an exhibition room for the new Hub channel set up, where you can have your picture taken as a Cobra employee, hear the Fraggles sing, get a photo in the palm of Optimus Prime’s hand, and much more! Do check it out if you have the chance, it really is a lot of fun, with yet more of those two most dangerous words to be heard, FREE STUFF!

Ranted by Alicia Glass

And Another Thing…

There is a phenomenon occurring here at Comic-Con every single night thus far that I’ve noticed. Around 7 pm or so, several panels get out simultaneously, and a legion of humanity clogs the front walkways of the convention center. Several things may occur if you find yourself there for the first time, literally stuck in traffic without a car!

Elbows and booted feet, wings on costumes and recording equipment carried by major Press are now officially weapons, and you may expect to have any one of these implements used violently upon you at any time inside the traffic clog.

‘Excuse me’, ‘Pardon me’, and any and all other manners of apology, even including ‘My bad, dude’ are immediately deleted from your and everyone else’s vocabulary the moment you enter the herd.

Once you enter the herd, you are propelled forth not under your own momentum but on those behind you, so expect to be trampled, have long waits where not a thing moves, and expletives all around. Just like in real traffic!

Strollers are now weapons as well, being loaded down with shwag instead of children. Small children are generally propelled through traffic ahead of the parental unit, to clear the way. I kid you not – noone wants to be the dick who stepped on a five-year.

Watch out for the smokers! Even being a smoker myself, I know better than to light one up and then join the mob, but there are plenty who don’t observe that nicety. Some folk actually lift their cigarettes up over the heads of others when traffic pauses, so be on the watch for, yes, ash in your hair.

Traffic goes both ways, there are absolutely no traffic signals of any kind, and every line, group, and troupe thinks they of course have the right of way, and first too. And don’t forget the buses, who have people line up for them at the, you guessed it, front convention hall walkway!

Ranted by Alicia Glass