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CCI 2010 Thursday — Burn Notice

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Written by Alicia Glass

As always, the Burn Notice panel was packed to the gills and then some. Star Jeffrey Donovan and newcomer Coby Bell gave out Burn Notice – style tips for Comic-Con via video, much to the delight of the audience. There was even one, with a disclaimer, about how to break into CCI without getting caught, which seemed like a bad idea, but the fans ate it up.

It seems as though a great deal of the rabid fans attend this panel not necessarily for the show itself, but for the fact that it does indeed star the amazing Bruce Campbell. He’s famous for being very personable, and when getting genuine compliments or things that amuse him at the Burn Notice panel, Campbell is known for actually giving out money from his own pockets, as seen here.

There wasn’t a whole lot in the way of new stuff to announce at the panel, we fans just had more of a good time hanging out at the panel. There was however, from the network executive of Burn Notice that had a rather good sense of humor, a big surprise announcement, as seen here!



CCI09 Thursday — Burn Notice


Website: Burn Notice

 Show airs on USA Channel Thursdays at 9/8c

 Written by Alicia Glass

Finally, Burn Notice comes to Comic-Con! Yes I know, Burn Notice is a show about a black-listed badass of a spy and his cohorts and really, what is it doing at Comic-Con then? How about this – main character Michael Westin’s backup buddy Sam Axe is played by everyone’s favorite showman Bruce Campbell! And of course he stole the show at the panel just by being himself, like suggesting to Matt Nix that they write a spy horror combination called Dead Notice, and the fans ate it up.

 So we got treated to a mini segment on the jumbo-tron-tv, spy tips for navigating Comic-Con, and then it was on to the panel! Which was of course moderated by Michael Shanks of Stargate SG-1 fame, who also played the villain Victor on Burn Notice. And he did seem stoked to be there, introducing Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Matt Nix as Creator and Executive Producer, Seth Peterson as Nate Westin, Ben Shenkman as Tom Stickler, and Jay Karnes as villain Brennan.


Matt Nix, quite personable, spoke at length about the details of the show, such as his refusal to use CGI for any of the explosions, they just, to quote Bruce Campbell, “Blow shit up!” He also spoke of consulting former spy operatives for accuracy on the show, how they Macguyver the spy gadgets on the show by coming up with the gadget’s principal and then abstracting it, and swore for the fans who pay close attention that no, it wasn’t Michael’s father that burned him! Nix seemed to enjoy dropping hints about what he called “name-checking”, where the producers and writers of Burn Notice use the names of their friends and family as restaurant or shop titles on the show, just to see if anyone noticed.

 And of course we, the die-hard fans, got treated to a preview of coming attractions on Burn Notice season three, in jumbo-tron-tv! Along with another Comic-Con spy tip out-tro, which completely stopped traffic in the aisles as every head turned to watch Michael Westin’s dry and wonderful wit!

Bruce Campbell explaining why Burn Notice finally has it’s own panel at Comic-Con!