post-Con rundown

by John Cook IV

While Marvel was definitely a force at the con, with its model of Odin’s throne from the upcoming Thor movie, DC was celebrating its 76th anniversary in a big way. There was a discussion of the Blackest Night storyline and the follow-up, Brightest Day, involving the White Lanterns. A picture was displayed as a teaser, with many plot elements shown graphically as to the upcoming events for the story. Some of these elements included Aqualad posing near a cave with Black Manta’s red eyes glowing within, Deadman carving into a stone tablet, the White Lantern symbol on a tree (possibly the Tree of Life perhaps?) and Aquaman in a state of repose near the White Lantern as Queen Mara rushes to him. Also mentioned was Flashpoint, a storyline featuring Flash and just about every speedster/Speed Forse user in DC history. Details weren’t laid out, but expect to hear more from DC in the near future on this one. The major event for Superman is the upcoming Superman:Grounded story, where he walks across the country, trying to reconnect with the people. Of course, Batman was a big topic, with his upcoming return to Gotham from the dead and his travails through history. Grant Morrison will be writing a new series, called Batman Inc., where he coordinates the activities of the various Gotham heroes. Also of interest is House of Hush, where an inmate is released from prison and has a score to settle with Thomas Wayne and who is seeking out Hush for assistance in his search for vengeance against Bruce Wayne. On the Vertigo imprint side of things, there is a sequel to Road to Perdition being written by Max Allen Collins called Return to Perdition in the works. Also mentioned was Revolver, where a man who lives a pretty ordinary life suddenly wakes up in a post apocalyptic nightmare, and switches back and forth between these two worlds when he sleeps. He must then investigate why this is happening, and also, why to him specifically. Daytripper will continue as we learn more about the main character’s plane crash, rise to stardom as an author and the odd events in his life that sometimes lead to bizzare conclusions. In Hellblazer, John Constantine is getting married, and certain entities don’t want this to happen. Look for the arc “Bloody Carnations” for the answers. Finally, a new Li’l Endless title is coming out called Delirium’s Party, which showcases the Endless as cute superdeformed children.

Smaller press was also out in force this year, and Oni Press has some good titles to entertain the masses with. SuperPro KO is about professional wrestling, and the comic is cartoony, over the top and looks wonderful so far. A new title called 6th Gun, set in post Civil War America, is about 6 weapons of power and what happens when the last one is in the hands of a pacifist named Emily. Does she trust shifty men to protect her, or give up the gun to even shiftier men and be done with it all? Finally Resurrection is ending up its first year. This is a series that asks the reader what would happen after an alien invasion we won, and the aliens leave? The planet is in disarray and humanity must now start anew.

Dark Horse was also showcasing a lot in this year’s panel. Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy will continue, The Goon’s backup character the Buzzard has a miniseries that will continue and their licensed titles will continue to go strong. Star Wars will have a ‘series of series’ called Blood Ties, where 2 characters with a blood tie of a sort will be showcased in a miniseries. The first one will be about Jango and Boba Fett working together. The upcoming vampire movie Let Me In will be made into a comic adaptation, about a female vampire who is physically only 12 years old. The Gold key heroes Dr. Solar, Magnus Robot Fighter and Turok Son of Stone will be brought into the fold, with Jim Shooter as writer, who edited their adventures when he was at Valiant.

While there is a lot more to discuss, I did detect a note of secrecy at many of the panels, and there was of course a push towards digital comics as well as TV shows and movies. With all of the new material coming out, now is a wonderful time to be involved in pop culture and comics in general.

The main idea of this blog is to review books that have recently come out or to give you an idea of books in advance by obtaining advanced copies. My next blog will run down the rating system and include a review of 3 books, and look for a top 10 list of my personal favorite of the new crop of books. Until next time, boys and girls, I’ll see you in the funny papers!


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